Primaries in Argentina: Categorical defeat of the Alberto Fernández government and great election of the Left Unity Front

This is an article written by the Partido Obrero (Workers’ Party), a Trotskyist organization in Argentina, originally published on September 12, 2021 on their...

Afghanistan: Women Fight Back

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, women are not simply sitting back and watching as their rights get swept away from them. No, they...

Oakland Schools: Safety Is Up to Us

If the district is going to provide every school the safety measures being demanded, it’s going to be because they were fought for.

9/11 Launched 20 Years of U.S. Global War and Terror

The past 20 years has meant not a U.S. war against terrorists, but an endless war of U.S. terror, carried out all over the world.

The Levees Held, But Millions Were Still Unprotected from Deadly Storms

While the cultural and entertainment center of New Orleans was saved from deadly storm surges, the same cannot be said for the rest of Louisiana’s coast.

France: Public Transportation Workers Fight Back

In September, angry workers have gone on strike in several bus stations in Ile-de-France (the area surrounding Paris).

What Is Possible? That Depends on U.S. Government’s Priorities

This is the capitalist system - highest efficiency and ingenuity when the goal is invading and committing murder in other countries, but unable to provide basic necessities, housing, utilities, education, healthcare and safety for its own population. The problems that we face having nothing to do with what is and isn't "possible." They have everything to do with this system's priorities. 

Attica! – “We are men! We are not beasts and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such!”

September 9, 2021 is the 50th anniversary of the Attica prison rebellion.

Environmental Activist Sentenced as a Terrorist? Say No! Stand with Jessica Reznicek

Environmental activist Jessica Reznicek was sentenced to 8 years in prison as a "terrorist" for sabotaging the Dakota Access pipeline.