Workers, students, and other oppressed people are fighting back against those who rule them all over the world. People have taken over the streets, gone on strike, or done whatever it takes to say “NO!” to their exploitation by the ruling powers in Chile, Hong Kong, Haiti, Peru, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, France, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Colombia.

The protests around the world today are a glimpse of what’s possible when people decide to fight together against a system that benefits the richest 1%. The mobilizations happening around the world show that the 99% have no
use for the ruling elite, or their system.

Join us for a presentation and discussion on the global movements of today, their potential for the future, and organizing for the struggles ahead.

December 14th
at 3 pm
University of Maryland
School of Social Work
Room 2w11, 525 W. Redwood St,